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Taurus 2012 Horoscope

taurus 2012 Horoscope

In 2012, Uranus will gradually increase your creativity, helping you create a peaceful environment. You will regain the vitality needed to enjoy life, thanks to the improvement of your lifestyle and working conditions. Jupiter will release the pressure it has put on you over the past few years, therefore you'll feel more relaxed.

Professionally, you will work hard until mid February when you will feel the need to channel your efforts towards more structural activities such as money and asset management. However, in order to improve the situation, you must choose a single direction to work towards, and focus on it alone.

Concerning your romantic life, Jupiter will have it surrounded by light and playfulness, as you will learn to express your feelings better. You will experience and enjoy intense moments which will draw you closer to your ideals. Uranus' influence will bring about confidence, wellbeing and luck.

Financially speaking, 2012 is marked by harmony and improvement. Stay focused on your main objectives, especially those related to your home. Expenses are necessary if your work domain is Arts. May and July will prosper in formal and advantageous commitments.

As for your family life, Jupiter will cause some disturbances. Do not draw any hasty conclusions; an efficient communication is based on open dialogue, dissolution of taboos and breaking down barriers.

Good physical condition will be sustained throughout the year, while focusing on what you are really interested in will successfully relieve you of stress. You might experience some health problems related to kidneys towards the ending of the year. You can cure this by drinking lots of fluids.

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