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Scorpio 2012 Horoscope

scorpio 2012 Horoscope

The stars will influence your social and relational life, as you will experience intense personal contacts. Try to avoid the need to isolate yourself. Jupiter will help you with some pending projects, along with Saturn, which will positively influence your creativity.

Career-wise you will feel better and stronger. By putting your projects in perspective, you will constantly have a general idea of what the results will be. This is beneficial for those with a career in science. Out-of-the-office conversations with coworkers will inspire you for future projects.

Your love life this year will suffer an ending to an emotional cycle. This will either involve a change in partners or a change in your behavior. However, the next chapter is a promising one. You will be more seductive, while you partner will handle you more tactfully by communicating excellently. In the long term, you emotional life will be pleasant, comfortable and fun.

Your financial problems seem less difficult and more bearable than last year. Things will seem easy, but the lack of commitment and patience will not suit you financially. You will consult with many financial mediators, but do not rely on their advice as the alignment of the stars will generate disagreements.

Although you love your family, all that hard work will keep you away from them. Pluto will force you to protect some people at your own expense, but you are sacrificing too much; remember that you are not a superhero. Just be certain that your family accepts you the way you are, good or bad, weak or strong, for they can ignore you or be unsupportive of your activities.

Use the energy given by Saturn to meet current obligations. You will have a healthy lifestyle, thus responding positively to difficult activities. You will experience an impressive increase in creativity and mental energy.

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