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Leo 2012 Love Horoscope
2012 Horoscope
2012 Horoscope
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Leo 2012 Horoscope

leo 2012 Horoscope

The stars seem to favor your family life this year, along with greater inspiration in what concerns important projects. Neptune will give you the realism you need in order to be effective, innovative, creative and imaginative.

Career-wise, you will find yourself in a closed system. However, your talent will contribute to your luck and satisfaction. Some people will help you change things; others will guide you towards keeping your position stable. Throughout the year, you must remember that everything depends on personal initiatives, new contacts and development of business.

Your love life will be peaceful in 2012. You will express your feelings freely, naturally, and you will certainly impress the opposite sex. You will discover new and interesting things about yourselves and about which values really mean something to you. You relationship will be relaxed, you will engage in meaningful conversations and exchange of ideas. If you're waiting for an ending to your partnership, it will come by mid-year.

Your finances will have a few ups and downs, but nothing critical. It is imperative to choose long-term strategies, as in November you will experience a serious money situation. You should either use the money in a productive direction or in savings. You should expect an important project midyear, courtesy of Saturn.

Concerning your social life, you tend to be isolated and lonely. Unmet needs can lead to an exuberant and superficial attitude, often arrogant. Escape from reality is futile, so our advice to you is to "find your balance."

Neptune's influence will connect your health to your state of mind; however there are many temptations and you should stay away from consuming fats. If you are participating in a competition, you will have a great deal of stamina.

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