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Gemini 2012 Horoscope

gemini 2012 Horoscope

The star configurations of 2012 will help you leave behind all the efforts that you made over the past few years relationship-wise. Uranus will join Mars to facilitate your business, showing you fresh options.

In the field of work, Venus' influence will create favorable conditions for expanding your career options. You will be able to find and take the path towards social recognition. However, you need more diplomacy in your dealings with your superiors.

Concerning your love life, this year shows you real love with all the glow and passion it involves. You might want to simplify a complicated affair by employing common sense, logic and truth. It is recommended that you stay away from romantic complications, as in August Venus will prompt you to be more seductive.

Your financial affairs and accounts will be more manageable, especially during the first half of the year. This is the perfect moment to ask for a raise. Starting in October you will need to pay even more attention to handling documents and money.

Jupiter will facilitate some aspects of your family life, enabling you to enjoy freedom for the first time in four years. Keep in mind that delaying affairs stops the flow of luck. Uranus and Mercury will combine in an effort to enhance your daily lifestyle.

You will however experience energy consuming annoyances. You have an acute sense of responsibility; still you tend to overwork for other people, therefore being more tired than you should. As of June, you must keep a strict diet and avoid spicy foods in order to help your digestive system.

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