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Capricorn 2012 Horoscope

capricorn 2012 Horoscope

In 2012, the stars will help you experience more diversification and opportunities along the pathway to your goals. You will have enough time to allocate to recreation, to learning new things, and to analyzing human behavior. This change will help you be more tolerant and understanding.

2012 will help you in your career, giving you team-spirit. You used to be a leader, but this year you will feel in tune with your coworkers and you will need fresh ideas. Leave aside your weaknesses, as you colleagues tend to be jealous and soon enough you will be the subject of gossip. If your area of expertise is technology, focus on your goals, as Pluto will facilitate personal projects.

Your love life will be tranquil this year, as you state of mind is peaceful and stable. You will mainly attract insecure people who need protection. Although it is flattering, you must be careful as they can be a burden in the long term. If you are young, you might need to include your partner in your private life, trying to facilitate communication and bringing harmony to the relationship. If you feel uncertain of your relationships, things will find a way of settling in the second quarter and you must make a decision concerning its future course.

Your financials will undergo improvement. Pluto brings material gain in arrangements and methods of payment, but it also increases your trade performance. You must make an important transaction and, if you are prudent, it will be successful.

The achievements in your family life from the past year will give you a year of relaxation, materially speaking. You will escape unfounded accusations; however, they will represent a burden that will slow down progress.

You will be more efficient as you learn to take things slowly when it comes to long-term projects. Your calm will help you focus on your main objectives, regardless of lack of time.

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