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Aquarius 2012 Horoscope

aquarius 2012 Horoscope

In 2012 you will enjoy the benefits of last year's efforts. You will not be alone; however, you will have the opportunity to make new relationships that will prove useful in the future. Past difficulties will become bearable as you experience a better understanding of your problems.

This year, your work will take over your free time. Nevertheless, there will be opportunities to expand your knowledge and develop new relationships. In May, you might start a new project or you might change your work place. This is also a chance to start your own business. If not, you will maintain a calm partnership with your coworkers, especially when it comes to team-work; you will get long-term recognition.

Your love life is emotionally stable. You will undergo some changes that will prove beneficial. You will experience a greater sensibility, thus leading to harmony, trust and strength of understanding. If you are single, you must show initiative because you will have lucky emotional encounters. These new beginnings are vulnerable during the third quarter, when stars encourage you to leave shyness aside and confront your fears, thus opening yourself up to a true love story.

Concerning your financials, this year should be balanced. You will give up unproductive projects, as you realize that you have to pay some outstanding bills. Your most valuable asset is your sense of reality: make plans for a prosperous future, do not make unnecessary expenditures, save up as much as you can.

Family-wise, you tend to exaggerate things, thus creating tension. You might be anxious when it comes to your family's financial problems, meaning you must act immediately to avoid tension. Last year's unpleasant effects have taken their toll on your health. You will experience great mental activity, but you will be physically exhausted.

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