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You live in a happy, but messy, home. There are probably papers all over your desk, clothes scattered about, and dishes that need to be done. Again, if s just that you don't have time for those little things like organization and laundry.

The great thing, though, is that nobody else cares. You're Oscar Madison, the lovable slob, and everyone knows that when they come over, they can sink into your couch, prop then- feet on your coffee table and grab a slice of pizza.

As for food, you're a wolf. You eat fast, and it's not all that important what it is. It keeps you going, and you prefer to get going to the next place. You do love your meat (after all, you're the hunter), so you're idea of a fun meal is a backyard barbecue with steaks, burgers, dogs, and all your friends. Anything red (since you're a sign of fire and Jupiter) appeals to you, so those pep-peroni pizzas or spaghetti-and-meatballs dinners are standard weekly fare.

You also like rough-and-tumble vehicles, like Jeep four-wheel-drives, because they love to get dirty and they'll go anywhere on earth, which satisfies your insatiable curiosity to travel.

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