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Everyone loves a Libran. You can't help it-it's your nature to be the friendliest, warmest, gentlest sign of all. You always find something to like in everyone, and you make them feel special as a result. You're the person that feels sorry for the lonely outcast at a party and engages him in a conversation so he won't feel left out; even if most people find him a bore, you smile and find the interesting, appealing side. For this quality, you will always have friends.

And you'll need them. That's why you do this. You simply can't function well without companionship. Others may interpret this as a sign of weakness, of "co-dependence" even, but it's just your Venus influence.

Because of this companionable nature, you hate conflict. You'll do anything to avoid an argument, or to stop one. It's not that you're so afraid of being hurt, it's that you're afraid of hurting someone else's feelings. You're a diplomat. When confronted with two opposing sides, you'll find a happy medium. You crave harmony, and like your symbol, balance.

You're also very intuitive-some would even say psychic. You're the natural judge of the zodiac, and this sense extends past reason into instinct. You may find something to like in everyone, but you'll also see the whole character of a person instantly. Others may be amazed at how correct your first impressions are when, later, they see the whole picture.

You have a hunger for knowledge, which befits your sign name-Libra is part of library. But mostly it's a surface curiosity of lots of things. Like another air sign, Gemini, you love variety, and would rather sample the essences of varied subjects than become an expert at one in particular.

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